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Private Villa, El-Obeid

The villa consists of:

1-The ground floor: –

1- Male guest room. 2. Female guest room. 3. Male salon. 4. Female salon. 5. A shared dining hall. 6. Two (2) bathrooms. 7. An indoor kitchen.

2- First floor: –

1. Master room. 2.  (2) Bedrooms. 3. One (1) shared bathroom. 4. One (1) en-suite bathroom. 5. An open kitchen. 6. Dining hall. 7. Lounge. 8. Great Balcony.

3-Annex Floor: –

1.Interior master room. 2. Large surface Roof.

The villa has a garden attached to it, in addition to a caretaker and an external bathroom. The entrance from the street to the villa from the eastern region with a separate door to enter the staircase area apart from the residents of the ground floor facilitates the process of separating the ground from the rest of the floors in the future. The design takes into account Islamic law in this separation of men and women movement, in addition to the presence of a men’s hall from the women’s hall.

The façades have been treated with detailed aluminum whiteness every 1 meter to give an aesthetic appearance and at the same time as whitewash separators to prevent cracks and separation between the parts of the whiteness. With a cornice made of fiberglass at the edges of balconies and roofs to add aesthetic views from the outside. The rest of the materials and finishes were to the taste of the owner.

Pomodoro would be honored to have any inquiries about this design.

Project Details


February  1st, 2021





Architect Design

Pomodoro Multi Activities Co. LTD.



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